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Blargh Alter your attitude and you can alter your life._________

Hey all, I'm Sandra, This is my life, these are my thoughts. they're different everyday some days I'm a nerd some days I'm a pothead while others I obviously need to get laid...and well some days I'm a kid It depends... Are they similar to yours?lets chit chat ;).....

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i was just showing my mom how to paste something into her text message on her phone and i was like “double tap in the the text box” “the text box” “the text box” and she was just pointing to random places on her screen that weren’t the text box and all i could think of was


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Oh my god. 

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girls all go to the bathroom together because that’s where we rap battle

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my mom once told me about how her friend’s daughter was once in a weird relationship with an older man who got off on paying her bills 

like he would give her a credit card and would totally find sexual pleasure in going over all the purchases she made with his money

but they hardly ever talked or saw each other

and the story still sits with me because i think that’s like fairytale kinds of magic right there

lms if you want a relationship like this

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so my dad’s friend was bartending and saw a guy put something in a girl’s drink so while the guy turned around he switched their drinks and watched the guy roofie himself. 

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okay so imagine an au where the potters live. harry dates oliver wood briefly. james hears of this and pulls harry aside. stares him in the eye with a deadly serious face
“he’s a Keeper”

You made an entire AU that would alter almost every facet of that series
For a pun
You’re a beautiful person.

"Are you serious right now, Dad?"

"No, I’m not serious. I’m Dad. He’s Sirius."

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